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HAMMER boxing gear • With fascinating Base


Our HAMMER BOXSPORT range includes entry-level products as well as professional equipment for competitive athletes. HAMMER BOXING offers an advanced range of perfectly coordinated boxing equipment and accessories. HAMMER Boxing products boast modern, functional features and the highest quality to last a good, long time.


Our HAMMER Knowledge Base gives you a complete overview of everything you need to know about boxing. What are the main punching techniques? What are the best boxing films of all times, and how did boxing make its way to us here in Europe? We give you the whole story!

If you don’t change anything, nothing will change either! Muhammad Ali



Quality equipment directly from the manufacturer

Professional boxers, amateurs, fitness boxers and hobby boxers wear our boxing gloves and train with HAMMER boxing equipment. HAMMER Boxing products boast modern, functional features and the highest quality to last a good, long time. The typical HAMMER premium seams and the use of high-end materials offer you and your training partner maximum safety during sparring and competition. Boxing training is the ideal way to develop strength, speed, and endurance and requires a high level of concentration and technique. HAMMER boxing products will help you quickly improve your punching power, punching speed, endurance and coordination. Fitness boxing is a modern version of boxing and is meanwhile recognized as a highly effective workout sport for maintaining good health. Fitness boxing is the ideal, total training for achieving a well-sculpted, firm body. The HAMMER Boxing range includes items like punching bags with targets and punch counters to add variety to your boxing workout and make it challenging, even in your own home.

HAMMER Boxing offers a complete range of boxing products for beginners, advanced boxers and professional athletes. All products are perfect for use in both the gym and at home. The HAMMER BOXING range includes boxing gloves, freestanding punching bags, plus a wide selection of training accessories – everything you need for your workout. Our HAMMER boxing experts are happy to advise you about our products and help you find the optimal training equipment and accessories. The HAMMER Manufacturer Service guarantees a quick answer to questions about training, nutrition and equipment, even after you’ve made your purchases.

Talk to an expert now. We look forward to hearing from you! Phone: + 49 731 – 974 88 571 Email: info@hammer-boxing.de