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5 reasons why you should start boxing
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5 reasons why you should start boxing

People often associate boxing with bloody noses, split lips and blue eyes, especially those who have never stood in the ring. Virtually no other sport stirs up such controversy like boxing. Does boxing provoke aggression or does it give exactly those people with a higher potential for aggression a controlled method for discharging excess energy and anger?

Anyone who has ever stood in the boxing ring knows that boxing has nothing to do with a brutal fight between two drunk hooligans. On the contrary: Boxing not only trains your physical condition, but also shapes your character – it gives you more confidence, makes you stronger and more balanced.

Still not sure? In the following article, we present five reasons why you should start your boxing training today.

1. Boxing increases your self-confidence

Self-confidence is the basic prerequisite you need to reach your goals in life. If you do not believe in yourself, why should others? Boxing teaches you how to assert yourself, keep a cool head in a crisis situation and cope with setbacks. All these qualities not only help you to win a fight, they also have a positive impact in many other areas of life.

2. You learn how to defend yourself

This is clearly the biggest advantage of boxing, but also its most controversial. Although boxing generally does not fall under the self-defence sports, when you train as a boxer, you learn how to use your fist in a controlled way and strike at the right time. Moreover, you are pushed to your limits and challenged to use your strength with control.

3. Boxing is not expensive

Unlike many other sports, you do not need any expensive equipment to do boxing. And there’s no need to sign up for any unaffordable courses. All you need is comfortable sports clothes, boxing gloves and ideally, a jump rope. Most boxing clubs offer all of this, plus a mouth guard, for a decent price. If you want to keep things very flexible, you can also hang your own punching bag somewhere in your home and workout whenever you feel like it. Our online store carries punching bags starting at 50 euro!

If you have ever tried boxing in a club, you know that the mood in a martial arts gym is very different than in a normal fitness centre.

4. Boxing is the perfect whole-body workout

Boxing is the perfect cardio training and at the same time helps you sculpt your body unlike any other sport. A half-hour intensive boxing training burns around 500 kcal – the equivalent of a whole chocolate bar or a big plate of Spaghetti Carbonara.

But not only will your endurance improve – every single punch requires that shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest and back all do their part at the same time. Kicks and leg techniques make sure that thighs, buttocks and calves get in on the action. In other words, boxing is also the perfect sport if you want to build your muscles and sculpt your body.

5. Boxing promotes camaraderie

If you have ever tried boxing in a club, you know that the mood in a martial arts gym is very different than in a normal fitness centre. While people normally working out do so in silence, the world blocked out with earbuds, an unbelievably strong camaraderie prevails among boxers. Boxers train together and sweat together. Often people you meet at boxing clubs even become real friends.

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