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Boxing weight classes
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Boxing weight classes

It is obvious that a fight between a flyweight 50-kg boxer and a trained opponent weighing twice that much is anything but fair. The bigger and stronger an athlete, the more energy he or she can channel into their punches. Various weight classes exist as a means to establish maximum fair conditions for a fight. The weight classes are different for amateur and professional boxing.

For professional boxing, the weight class names depend on the governing organization, such as IBF, WBA, WBC or WBO. And while the class nomenclature varies, the weight limits are always the same in each country and under each organization.

Weight classes in amateur boxing:

Weight class Name Weight Light flyweight 46 to 49 kg Flyweight up to 52 kg Bantamweight up to 56 kg Lightweight up to 60 kg Light welterweight up to 64 kg Welterweight up to 69 kg Middleweight up to 75 kg Light Heavyweight up to 81 kg Heavyweight up to 91 kg Super heavyweight over 91 kg

Professional boxing uses a lot more weight classes:

Weight class Name Weight Minimumweight up to 47.6 kg Light flyweight up to 49 kg Flyweight up to 50.8 kg Super flyweight up to 52.2 kg Bantamweight up to 53.5 kg Super bantamweight up to 55.2 kg Featherweight up to 57.2 kg Super featherweight up to 59 kg Lightweight up to 61.2 kg Super lightweight up to 63.5 kg Welterweight up to 66.7 kg Super welterweight up to 69.9 kg Middleweight up to 72.6 Super middleweight up to 76.2 kg Light heavyweight up to 79.7 kg Cruiserweight up to 90.7 kg Heavyweight over 90.75 kg

The kilogram weights for each class are not round numbers because they have been converted from English pounds. The first amateur boxing championship took place in England in 1867, during which the athletes were divided into three weight classes: light, middle and heavyweight.

Over the years, more classes were introduced: Initially, welter, feather, bantam and flyweight classes were added. Later the so-called intermediate weight classes were added, such as Super middleweight, Super welterweight, Super lightweight, Super featherweight, Super bantamweight and Super flyweight.

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