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Punching bags - Hammer Boxing

Punching bags

A true boxing training includes hitting the training equipment. The number 1 ‘training partner’ is the punching bag, also sometimes called a sandbag. HAMMER punching bags are made of durable material and filled with fabrics, which minimizes the chance of injuries on training equipment and provides hours of fun during your workout. A punching bag has the advantage of resembling a human opponent’s size and weight, a good opportunity to develop whatever punches and moves you’ve always wanted to try out. Longer punching bags are well suited for practicing kick combinations, which is very interesting for kick boxers. The punching bag’s heavy weight also makes it a great piece of equipment for improving your punching power.

Our recommendation – Black Kick Double-stitched seams for extra durability Sturdy craftsmanship Resilient fill for realistic sparring training

The HAMMER Black Kick punching bag offers you everything you need for realistic opponent training right in your home. The Black Kick punching bag is made of sturdy, washable premium artificial leather in a sporty, black masculine look. The punching bag’s surface and length makes it especially suited for kick boxing techniques and use of your feet! HAMMER Black Kick punching – the perfect power punching bag for your own home boxing gym!

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