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Boxing: the perfect workout for body and mind
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Boxing: the perfect workout for body and mind

It used to be that people laughed about boxers and labelled them not-so-bright sluggers – but that is now a thing of the past. Boxing is meanwhile very in, even now a trend sport for men as much as women. And that’s no coincidence. Unlike almost any other sport, boxing requires both strength and endurance as well as mental prowess. Every single punch requires that shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest and back all do their part at the same time. Kicks and leg techniques make sure that thighs, buttocks and calves get in on the action. In addition, the body burns an average of 500(!) calories during an intensive, 30-minute boxing workout, the equivalent to a bar of chocolate or a cheeseburger with chips. In addition, boxing is the perfect sport to let off steam. Boxing training over the long term will help you come much more balanced and relaxed. And the best part? You don’t have to join a club to box. You can easily set up a punching bag at home in the living room and workout whenever you choose.

Fast and firm: HIIT workout with the punching bag

Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques, you can use some of your workouts to ramp up the intensity. One of the best way to do this is through a short but intensive interval workout. A HIIT workout (high-intensity interval training) stimulates your metabolism to the maximum, and the after-burn effect means you burn up to 20% more calories than with a normal workout. In the following section, we have put together three high-intensity interval workouts that will really make your muscles glow.

Workout 1

Duration: 10 minutes Intensity: Box for 30 seconds 10 times, each followed by 30-second breaks

This workout involves a continual series of punches. Try to make a maximum number of strong punches during the 30 second intervals. During this workout, you will quickly notice how short 30 seconds is during the breaks, and how long it feels during the workout phases. This workout trains your speed, anaerobic capacity and both physical and mental endurance.

Workout 2

Duration: 11 minutes Intensity: 3 sessions of boxing for 3 minutes, each followed by 1-minute breaks

This workout promotes technical, clean punches, trains the leg muscles and increases punching accuracy and strength. Going full force in the first few minutes will take its toll on you. Key here is to keep up the same rhythm and performance for the whole 3 minutes of each round. Here the focus is not on speed but rather how you pace delivering your power, just like in a real fight.

Workout 3

Duration: approximately 25 minutes, Part 1: Box for 30 seconds 5 times, each followed by 30-second breaks Then take a 1-minute break Part 2: Box for 3 minutes 3 times, each followed by 1-minute breaks Then take a 1-minute break Part 3: Box for 30 seconds 3 times, each followed by 30-second breaks Then take a 1-minute break Part 4: Power box until you are exhausted

This workout involves several different types of movements and exercise. You start out with 5 30-second series of punches (like with the Interval Workout I), where you fully activate your circulatory system and your muscles build up too much acid. After a short break, do a simulation of 3 rounds, like with Interval Workout II. Here the main task is to bridge the gap between rest and activity in your leg work and in your punches, too. After another short break, do 3 more 30-second series of punches where speed and maximum strength are the priorities. And to top it off, end the series with one last high-intensity sequence of fast punches.

Workout plan source: Sofimo

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