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The perfect short dumbbell workout for a strong body
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The perfect short dumbbell workout for a strong body

There is a good reason that short dumbbells are every boxer’s weapon of choice. Paired with the right exercises, these small devices let you train each specific muscle of your body– the perfect tool for reaching a boxer’s goals, being totally in shape to win in the ring. We have put together a complete body workout that will get you in tip-top shape from head to toe. Do three to four sets of each exercise, repeating them eight to twelve times.


1. Shoulder press

Sit on a bench or chair with a high back. Hold the dumbbells in both hands and push them slowly from your shoulders up over your head. Just before the dumbbells touch, lower them back down to your shoulders.

2. Side lifts

Hold your arms slightly bent and pull your elbows upward until they are in line with your shoulder an upper arm. Tilt the dumbbell slightly inward with each movement to work your shoulders to a maximum.


1. Bench press

Lay down on your back on a bench, hold dumbbells in each hand and raise them simultaneously over your head. Tighten your chest muscles with each repetition.

2. Butterfly

Assume the same position for the bench press, but use much lighter weights. Start by stretching your arms over your head and moving the dumbbells like a butterfly outward toward the floor. The arms remained stretched throughout the exercise.


1. Curls

Stretch your arms downward out in front of your upper body, and alternately bend the arms until your biceps feel a maximum intensity. Try this one with more swing to your movement and more weight, or use it as a concentration exercise: with less weight and slower movements.

2. Triceps press

Slightly bend your upper body forward and hold your upper arms slightly bent, parallel to your ribs. Now stretch the lower arm backward but without moving the upper arm. Tighten your triceps with each repetition and make sure that your arm is stretched as much as possible.


1. Short dumbbell rowing

The dumbbells are pulled up on the sides of your body toward your rib cage and then lowered. Make sure to tighten your back with every repetition, and hold the position for a few seconds.


1. Lunges

Start by standing in a deep lunge position. Then slowly move the back knee down toward the floor and back up. Stare at a point in front of you to help maintain your balance. Make sure that your steps are big enough with each lunge so that your knee does not hang over your toes.

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