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This fitness equipment will get you in shape for the ring
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This fitness equipment will get you in shape for the ring

Whoever thinks it is enough to have arms of steel to be a good boxer has never stood inside the ring. Besides punching power, you need a few other qualities to win a fight: endurance, good coordination, and last but not least, strong nerves. To that end, a good boxer makes sure that a workout has variety.

Boxer Starter Kit

Boxing gloves, a jump rope, short dumbbells and a medicine ball

belong in the basic starter kit of every boxer. Good boxing gloves are a must for any workout in the ring or with the punching bag. Wearing gloves protects you and your training partner from injuries. They need to be made of high-quality materials to give you maximum protection.

The jump rope is good for warming up but also improving coordination. If you occasionally don’t have time for the gym or want to do a little sports on your day off from working out, your jump rope is the best bet.

Short dumbbells and medicine balls are great tools to use in your strength workout. Medicine balls are an especially effective way to improve your punching power. Stand in front of a (sturdy!) wall, throw the ball over your head against the wall and catch it. When you run out of energy, take a short break and then repeat the whole cycle.

Using short dumbbells is a good way to train various muscle groups that you need as a boxer. To keep your punch strong, you especially need strong shoulders, strong upper arms, good muscle build in your chest and a stable torso. We have put together a complete body dumbbell workout that is easy to do at home.

Easily neglected: Endurance

If you want to last a whole fight in the ring, you have to be in good shape. Beginners especially often overlook cardio training, go all out with strength and boxing training, only to discover during their first fight that they are completely exhausted just after the first round.

Rowing machines are especially good for boxers to help them get into shape, improve their endurance, but also strengthen their legs and arms. Plus, the rowing motion involves more than 80 percent of the body’s muscles. We recommend the HAMMER Aquon Waterflow rowing machine, which lets you set your own fitness level, thanks to an advanced water resistance feature.

Classic running is also a great way for boxers to get in shape. If you want don’t want your run to depend on the weather and be able to work out any time, having your own treadmill is a good solution. When purchasing a treadmill, make sure that it is equipped with an incline function, i.e. the height can be adjusted. We recommend the FINNLO Endurance treadmill, which is equipped with a maximum incline of 15 percent.

Bored with having do classic sit-ups all the time? Try our Ab Trax for strengthening your lateral and straight abdominal muscles. Following the prescribed movement series helps both beginners and advanced practitioners strengthen abdominal muscles quickly and safely.

Anyone wanting a complete set up should consider the Multi-Gym, the ideal equipment for isolating and training all specific muscle groups. The Bio Force is also the best way to improve punching power. To do this, place the rope pulls at shoulder height and stand with your back to the equipment. Now grab the right and left handles and use a forward punching motion in the air.

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